Well Here It Is!!!!. The rework of this album. This is closer to what I had intended in the first place when this was recorded. Too many factors back then that made this a thorn in my side for years. One new song has made its way onto the album (Darkness) Maybe Today is now on "The Bratty Collection"..Anyways..FINALLY I have takin the time and reworked this. I am much closer to being happy with this effort...I hope you enjoy!!!

It's 420  and ten minutes go by!! You're not doing anything might as well throw on "AOTY-430" ..LOL ..cheers!!!!

New Song; Darkness

All songs have been remixed and re-Mastered!!!  New Rhythm guitar as well as new solo elements and New vocal tracks throughout!!!!!

The Bratty Collection

2 Songs.  Maybe Today from a previous CD...remixed and Re Mastered

New Song; Someday Starts Today!!!!

Rework of the album "Under Your Wing" in Pre Production



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